good riddance to trump

This was inspired by the Trump rally that got shut down in Chicago by protesters. Chicagoans have never liked Trump. From the moment Trump Tower was built on the river and there was controversy over his name being on the side of the building in huge, gaudy letters, we knew he was a classless jackass. I was living 4,000 miles away when his campaign rally was planned for Chicago, but man did I feel proud to be a Chicagoan when protesters showed up and got so rowdy that they had to cancel his rally. That’s Chicago in a nutshell. Proud, brash, and ready to go to the mat to show a racist, New York douchebag (no offense NY) that he’s not welcome in our city. Now if only we could airlift his building the fuck off of our river and kick him out of The White House…

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Good Riddance