Seapony Pottery Studio

Been helping Seapony Pottery with their new open-air studio space. We’re building a cinder-block retaining wall to mitigate flooding, then framing out the roof! Exciting stuff. Here are some before-ish photos.


This is the space, part of it is currently covered, we’ll be building out a corrugated roof over the area marked with the cinder-blocks.


Here’s some of the reclaimed roofing we’ll be using. Still a bunch of cleanup to do but progress is being made. I’ll post more photos as the blocks go down and the framing goes up!


Great Amazon Feature

I just used Amazon to buy Eloquent Ruby. The estimated arrival date is about a week from now, but being in Hawaii, I’m prepared for it to take much longer. Upon placing the order, I noticed this message:

Screen Shot 2013-12-29 at 2.32.07 PM

What a great idea. The main downside of ordering products from Amazon is that you have to wait for your physical product to arrive. But in this case, they’re able to minimize that inconvenience by allowing me to access the product digitally until my physical book arrives.

I elected not to buy the Kindle version of this book (or any reference or textbook) because diagrams and navigation on the Kindle are pretty clumsy, so it’s hard to quickly reference content. Print still very much has e-readers beat in this regard, but it’s definitely nice to be able to access the book digitally in the meantime. Amazon is doing a great job of thinking about the customer experience here. Rather than getting really excited about the product only to be disappointed when it sinks in that I have to wait, I’m offered a way to enjoy the content immediately, capitalizing on my current enthusiasm.