Mystery Cube Photograph by Jesse Quinn Lee
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Mystery on Maui


It’s been a while since I’ve posted here. A lot’s been going on. I moved up to Makawao and got two new jobs. I’m doing design work for Hawaii Web Group, and photo/web work for Creative Island Visions Wedding Photography. I’m very excited to be working for small businesses run by people I like, and I split my time between design, coding and photography, which is fantastic. I get to indulge my creative and technical sides and I’m constantly learning. I actually got paid to photoshop THIS and I recently redid the website and handled WordPress and email migrations for Creative Island Visions. Between the jobs, surfing, ultimate-frisbee, dodgeball, yoga and learning guitar, I’ve been pretty maxed out, but I’m trying to find time to do some of my own photography and design when I can. Here’s a piece I did tonight from a photo I took near Waikapu last weekend.
Mystery Cube Photograph by Jesse Quinn Lee


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