Embrace Plywood Bench (2022)

Based on the original design by Casika Modern, this bench is made from 3/4″ Baltic Birch Plywood and 1/2″ aluminum bar stock. The plywood was ripped into strips, turned, and then laminated together to turn the plywood endgrain into the face, and plywood face into the edges.

It comprises 3 separate pieces: Two leg assemblies and a benchtop. The leg assemblies are U-shaped, with two aluminum rods pinned through corresponding holes on the top of each side which support the benchtop. The benchtop has semi-circular grooves routed out on the bottom which receive the aluminum rods. In a small departure from the original design concept, a thin layer of rubber was added to the grooves to help grip the aluminum rods.

Dimensions: 52″w x 16″d x 20″h

Custom 3-Tier Synth Stand (2021)

Made from 1/2″ Baltic Birch, joined using dowels. Custom designed to fit specific equipment, with pullout drawer for midi-controller.

Synth stand side view
Synth stand side view with drawer extended
Synth stand front view
Synth Stand In Use

Redwood Wedding Chuppah (2022)

Made from redwood 4x4s and 2x6s. Designed to be easily assembled/disassembled via carriage bolts and double-notched corners on the uprights.

Adjustable Bouldering Practice Wall (2016)

Practice walls locked in 90-degree position.
Practice walls in use, left wall set to 20-degree overhang position.