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I like both the technical and creative, and love where they intersect. As I explore that intersection via programming and art, I’ll be writing about it here.

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I’m Jesse Lee, a designer/developer based in Hawaii. After earning my bachelor’s degree in Architectural Studies at The University of Illinois I turned my attention from designing buildings to designing for the web while working in Groupon’s Image Design department. There I honed my design sensibilities while diving into the world of web-development. In 2013 I moved to Maui, where I get to code, design and shoot photos for a living.

When not geeking out about design, I like to stay active, playing ultimate frisbee, surfing (board or body), hiking or riding my bike. I also love reading, music, podcasts and comedy (sketch/improv/standup). I’m a rabid fan of The Onion, and owe my career to it inspiring me to learn Photoshop. One of my life goals is to build my own Earthship house (after college I spent a summer in Taos, NM with Earthship Biotecture building houses out of dirt, car tires and beer bottles).

Recently, I’ve started trying my hand and WordPress plugin development, and physical/digital art using Arduinos. If you’re interested in talking about any of this drop me a line!


Email: jesse(at)

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